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Excellent work as usual SCG! And thank you for showing the Christine Lagarde speech alluding to the numerology involved with this event!

So what's the big deal with 7?

So flight MH17 was downed on July 17th.... July being the 7th month of the magical year 2014 (as she said) ..... hmm... I'm a little perturbed now...
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+fishlips54 MH17 crashed 7/17/14. The elite use numerology in their planning.
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+KamyriaMourn MH17's first flight was 7/17/97...17 years to the day before it's last! flight 800 is shot down and the Stock Market hit 8000 for the first time...all in 7/17/97 17 years before the last flight of MH17...muy interesante!

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